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This Bastard Planet

This Bastard Planet continues the tradition started with Crib Death & Other Bedtime Stories.

The book contains six of Clifford Lawrence Meth's wildly imaginative stories with illustrations by Gene Colan, Dave Cockrum, Paty, Paul Abrams, Gray Morrow, and Marie Severin.

An Afterword by Dave Cockrum and a stunning cover painting by Joe Michael Linsner (who also wrote the Foreword) rounds out this incredible collection.

"Inventive...Compelling...Original...Words you've heard before regarding new talent on the scene. In Meth's case, they're true."
- Gray Morrow

"Showing us the wild variety of life, and how a wilder variety of characters cope with it, is what Meth does. And he does it well."
- John Romita

Trade Paperback, 88 pages, $8.95.
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