Pre-Order Now! Aardwolf Brings Back Dave Cockrum’s FUTURIANS!

Dave Cockrum's FUTURIANSHeard about our unbelievably successful Kickstarter campaign to bring back Dave Cockrum’s FUTURIANS? You can see how well we did at But Aardwolf is indebted to a great team that included Neal Adams, Walt Simonson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neil Gaiman, Adam & Andy Kubert, Ray Lago, Bob Wiacek, Jim Lee, Ricardo Villagran, Mark Wheatley, Mark McKenna, Clifford Meth and others who came together to bring back Dave Cockrum’s FUTURIANS!

We’re starting to take pre-orders now!  Click here for all the details.

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Aardwolf & Kubert School Support New Generation of Comic Creators

Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art

UPDATED May 6th, 2016 to announce our 2016 Scholarship recipients.

Aardwolf Publishing supports the burgeoning creators of tomorrow through two annual scholarships to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art:

The Gene Colan Memorial Scholarship

Clifford Meth and Aardwolf Publishing present this award for outstanding craftsmanship with a pencil.

  • 2016: Marcus Eskow
  • 2015: Petterson Oliveira
  • 2014: Matthew Gaudio
  • 2013: Damien Torres
  • 2012: Derek Rodenbeck

The Dave Cockrum Memorial Scholarship

Paty Cockrum, Aardwolf Publishing, and Clifford Meth present this award for creativity and outstanding story-telling ability.

  • 2016: Noelia Rodriguez
  • 2015: Cecilia Liang
  • 2014: Patrick Thompson
  • 2013: Ernesto Sin Alos
  • 2012: Anwar Hanano

The Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship

Each year, in the name of Dave Simons, the Inkwell Awards and the The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art offers a scholarship to a promising student who inks with a pen or a brush.

  • 2016: Matthew Neumann
  • 2015:  Idan Knafo
  • 2014: Ayşegül Sınav
  • 2013: Ji Wook Moon
  • 2012: Kristoffer Sorensen
  • 2011: Angela Fernot
  • 2010: Carli Ihde

The Herb Trimpe Scholarship

2016 was the first year Aardwolf awarded the Herb Trimpe Scholarship for pencilled art and/or humorous illustration.

  • 2016: Dillon Snook

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Check Out Comics Bulletin and Pop Culture Hound for the Background on Dave Cockrum’s FUTURIANS!

“Dave Cockrum was that rare breed, a “disgusting fan” who did everything the rest of us only wish we could do, and with the The Futurians he is at his disgusting best.”

See the full article at


PopCultureHoundCBBChris Thompson interviews Clifford Meth about Dave Cockrum, The Futurians, and Comic Book Babylon on the Pop Culture Hound Podcast.


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Comic Book Bears Features Clifford Meth

Comic Book Bears Podcast

Billy Z and Justin have a great conversation with Clifford Meth on the COMIC BOOK BEARS Podcast.  Listen in to get a taste of some of the great stories and insights Cliff shares in Comic Book Babylon.

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Pop Culture Hound Reveals Clifford Meth’s Secrets


Pop Culture Hound‘s Chris Thompson goes in-depth with Clifford Meth about ComicBook Babylon — Click here!

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Collected Lyrics of Good Rats Founder Peppi Marchello


Aardwolf Publishing and the family of the late Peppi Marchello are pleased to announce the long-awaited book PEPPI MARCHELLO: THE SONGWRITER. This is a beautiful, limited-edition book of Peppi Marchello’s beloved lyrics and songs he never recorded, along with intimate photos from his family’s archives, and memories from Peppi’s biggest fans.

Aardwolf and the Marchello family ran a fundraising effort on!  Thanks to all who made a contribution and backed the project!

The book is now available EXCLUSIVELY from the Good Rats website.  Click here for details.

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Comic Book Babylon: Brought to you courtesy of Kickstarter Backers


Click the Bleeding Cool logo for Dan "“The Death of Superman” Jurgens' interview with ComicBook Babylon author Clifford Meth.

Click the Bleeding Cool logo for Dan “The Death of Superman” Jurgens’ interview with Comic Book Babylon author Clifford Meth.

Comic Book Babylon gathers icons HARLAN ELLISON, STAN LEE, ALAN MOORE, FRANK MILLER, JOE KUBERT, GENE COLAN, DAVE COCKRUM, WALTER SIMONSON and NEAL ADAMS into a conversation with CLIFFORD METH where anything goes. KickStarter supporters helped make this book a reality, and their generosity made it even more special than we had originally planned.

It’s AVAILABLE NOW at your favorite DIGITAL bookstore!

Want to ORDER the “real” book? Click here for details!


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Marvel’s Invincible Gene Colan


Signed/Remarqued by Gene Colan Himself

In February of 2010, Marvel Entertainment released THE INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN (Hardcover, 128 pages). Edited by Clifford Meth, and including observations from Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Walter Simonson, Marv Wolfman, Tom Palmer and John Romita Sr., it is also a stunning visual tribute and biography of one of the most brilliant, sublime and influential comic artists in the genre’s history.

Aardwolf worked with Gene Colan and his family for over 15 years. We are proud to have published many of Gene’s original works, and to have participated in several fund-raising auctions when his health was threatened. We were delighted to be awarded the opportunity to offer the signed, limited editions of this extraordinary book.

Gene is gone now, but Aardwolf Publishing has some exclusive remaining copies of this book. And there’s a chance you can still find some of the remarqued copies that pop up for sale on the web from time to time.

Order Now!

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Meth’s The Whorehouse Madrigals by Hank Magitz


THE WHOREHOUSE MADRIGALS is the newest fiction collection from Hank Magitz. With a cover by the award-winning fantasy artist Kelly Freas (his last ever!), an introduction by“Handsome” Dick Manitoba (of the legendary proto-punk band The Dictators) and with illustrations by brilliant illustrator Mike Henderson (a rising star who came to our attention via Gene Colan). THE WHOREHOUSE MADRIGALS might be Hank’s best work to date.

Solicited for $13.95 in December’s Diamond PREVIEWS, you can now order the SIGNATURE EDITION of the book directly from Aardwolf for $9.95 (plus $2 postage) and also have your book signed by Clifford Meth.

Also available, a truly collectible BOOKPLATE EDITION is signed by Meth, Manitoba, and signed and remarqued by artist Mike Henderson for only $30 plus shipping.

Act now–Aardwolf is offering the collection with a money-back-if-not-delighted guarantee. How’s that for confidence? This book is that good!

Click here to order The Whorehouse Madrigals!

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