Submission Guidelines

Everyday, Aardwolf’s office is flooded with requests to review the work of writers, illustrators, and painters. However, when we put out a request for submissions through traditional channels, we get a meager response at best. So, we decided to start a program which will give a fair shake to all of us, while avoiding wasted time, postage, and bandwidth. The guidelines are below.

What NOT to do

  1. Do not send short stories, poems, or novellas to Aardwolf.
    We are not currently seeking any written-word talent. We will not read any submitted stories and we will not return them to you. If this policy changes, you will see a notice here.
  2. Do not attach  files to e-mail.
    We will not download files because we have been infected with viruses from such files before.
  3. Do not send us your URL.
    We will not visit your site because, when we are not actively seeking talent, we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this activity. In addition, when we receive dozens of new names, addresses, and URLs every day, it is difficult to dedicate the time to properly track them. Instead, use the method we’ve indicated in the What TO do section below.
  4. Do not send e-mail requesting career advice.
    While we would love to be your mentor and sage, relationships are best started with a handshake. Beginning a personal relationship with someone local to you who is in the publishing industry is probably the best way to get your work known. Other than that, there are numerous books in your local bookstores and libraries on the subject which may benefit you nicely.

What TO do

Here’s how to submit artwork to Aardwolf and actually INCREASE your chances of being published in one of our books:

  1. Select one or more pieces of art that you created.
  2. Scan or photocopy them onto ONE sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. Color is best for toned images, B&W photocopies are fine for line art.
  3. Fold the paper into thirds and tape it closed.
  4. Write the following address on the outside:
    Aardwolf Publishing, 179-15 Route 46 West, Box #252, Rockaway, NJ 07866
  5. Put your name and contact information (including URL, e-mail, and phone if you like) in the return address area and write the word SUBMISSION in large letters directly underneath it.
  6. Place a stamp on it and mail it.

What we will do is this: Open it up and place it in a big pile. When we start a project for which we are seeking illustrations, book covers, or other artwork, we will go through the pile, find ones that we like, and pick a few artists to contact with our specifications and requirements.

You can send more than one sample if you want to show different styles, but your artwork is going to speak for itself. We don’t even plan to attempt to discover who submitted the sample until we are looking for an artist to work with.

Any requests for verification as to whether we received your sample will be answered, “Yes, we did” and via e-mail only.

We need to institute this policy in order to run a successful and efficient business. Hopefully, this will also save you the effort of providing costly samples. Following these guidelines will help you in your dealings with Aardwolf.

If you’re interested to know what kinds of artwork Aardwolf is interested in, please see several of our existing titles.