The Uncanny Dave Cockrum…A Tribute

Aardwolf Publishing had been working with Dave Cockrum since its inception. When Dave fell ill, Aardwolf teamed with Neal Adams to help get the word out to the industry.

Besides being a legend…Dave was simply a great guy. Everyone wanted to help.

The results included fund-raisers, art auctions, an agreement with Marvel that helped pay Dave’s medical bills, and this book — a tribute to Dave Cockrum from the foremost names in the comic industry of this era — or any era.

All the people listed below helped Dave during his illness by contributing to this book. Many more helped by purchasing the book as a portion of the proceeds from this book go to the estate of Dave Cockrum.

  • Neal Adams
  • Joel Adams
  • Dennis Adelinis
  • Bob Almond
  • Brent Anderson
  • Murphy Anderson
  • Sergio Aragones
  • Kia Asamiya
  • Terry Austin
  • Dick Ayers
  • Mark Bagley
  • Charles Barnett
  • Jim Bertges
  • Al Bigley
  • Jon Bogdanove
  • David Boswell
  • Randy Bowen
  • Mitchell Breitweiser
  • Frank Brunner
  • Steve Buccellato
  • Rich Buckler
  • John Byrne
  • John Cassaday
  • Travis Charest
  • Chris Claremont
  • Gene Colan
  • Giorgio Comolo
  • Darwin Cooke
  • Dave Cullen
  • Peter David
  • Alan Davis
  • Gabriele Dell’Otto
  • Thomas Denerick
  • Mike Dodato, Jr.
  • Diane Duane
  • Jean-Jacques Dzialowski
  • Will Eisner
  • Harlan Ellison
  • Steve Englehart
  • Mark Evanier
  • Gary Frank
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Jose Luiz Garcia-Lopez
  • Ron Garney
  • Dave Gibbons
  • Mike Grell
  • Phil Hester
  • Alex Horley
  • Tony Isabella
  • R. F. Jones
  • Dan Jurgens
  • Michael Kaluta
  • Rafael Kayanan
  • Sam Kieth
  • Ron Leary
  • Jim Lee
  • Stan Lee
  • Steve Lieber
  • Pablo Marcos
  • Joe Martino
  • Bob McLeod
  • Steve McNiven
  • Clifford Meth
  • William Messner-Loebs
  • Danny Miki
  • Morganza
  • Alan Moore
  • Terry Moore
  • Todd Nauck
  • Michael Netzer
  • Jerry Ordway
  • Tom Palmer
  • Peter Palmiotti
  • Pat Parnell
  • Andy Parks
  • Mike Pascale
  • George Perez
  • Sean Phillips
  • Fernando Pinto
  • Joe Quesada
  • Rickman
  • Robin Riggs
  • Al Rio
  • Sharon Ronk
  • Chris Rooks
  • John Romita Sr.
  • Joe Rubinstein
  • Alex Sanchez
  • Marie Severin
  • Dave Sim
  • Louise Simonson
  • Walt Simonson
  • Joe Stanton
  • Roger Stern
  • Ben Templesmith
  • Mark Texeira
  • Roy Thomas
  • Maggie Thompson
  • Herb Trimpe
  • Mercy Van Vlack
  • Jim Valentino
  • Sal Velluto
  • Bob Wiacek
  • Lee Weeks
  • Len Wein
  • J. H. Williams
  • Marv Wolfman

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